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The Essence of Tranquility


Coming down with something? Not sleeping well? Headed out of town? Dip into the well when it’s time to feel and stay healthy. Well Water consists of a strong blend of vitamin C, B complex with extra B12, essential minerals, and taurine for a mental and physical boost.  Consider adding Glutathione - a powerful antioxidant. Well, well, well… look who’s feeling better!

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Get up and… GO! The Go Bag has what you need to get moving and stay sharp. Recommended before the big game, meeting or fun night out. It packs a punch with vitamin C, B complex, amino acids, anti-inflammatories, and taurine. Need to take it supersonic? Add IV caffeine to supercharge your drip!

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GLOW is designed to maximize skin shine and promote anti-aging. Vitamin C, B complex and magnesium are just the foundation. We have added Biotin for skin and nail health, essential minerals, and Glutathione, which improves skin elasticity and diminishes wrinkles. Look and feel your best. You’re glowing!



Sorry fellas, but this bag is just for the ladies. Specifically designed and balanced to ramp up metabolism while combating muscle cramps and bloating. It includes B12 and L-carnitine to burn fat, while topping off bone calcium, B complex and magnesium. Oh yeah… you go girl!

Woman in Hot Tub


Work hard, play harder, then replenish your gladiator spirit. This mix is designed to help you recover from the hardest of workouts, while elevating your game for the next. A healthy dose of amino acids, vitamin C, B complex, pyridoxine, taurine, magnesium and potent anti-inflammatories get the job done. Consider adding Glutathione to clean up the post-workout oxidants.  Unleash your inner Gladiator!

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